Why They Choose Us

And why you will too!

Stony Blan

Very good quality meat selection, quality packaging, and their marinated chicken selections were delicious! Smoked chicken breasts and quarters, and baby back ribs, and grilled burgers, and New York strip for Father’s Day. Highly recommend!

Debbie Smith

EVERYTHING!!! There is nothing they have that isn’t wonderful . The pork melts in your mouth, the steaks are amazing, the pineapple jalapeño brats are so yummy, and the fresh veggies are so good. This is real meat, not some genetically modified garbage they sell in the stores. Local people supporting local farmers! What could be better than that! (maybe the amazing Watson Farms filet I just ate)

Levi Miller

Great, friendly people. The meat is beyond excellent, and the prices are great. We stop by at least once, if not twice, a week. Go give them a try; you won’t regret it!